Imagine yourself on a cruise and there are two identical nightclubs one at the front and one at the back, the one at the front is done in vibrant red décor, curtains, rugs, flashing red lights etc. The one in the rear is identical but done in vivid orange… to which do you see yourself drawn? If you said red, you identify with the need for intense action and energy and you will probably dance yourself sore! If you said orange you identify with the need for intense enjoyment Google sheets and excitement without the drive for action… you’re probably sitting in a group of hearty laughers with a Tequila Sunrise in one hand and a bunch of grapes in the other!

OK, last one. Imagine you are creating your own army of metallic clones to do your every bidding. You have a choice to go with silver chrome or hi-gloss brass or “new penny” copper for their finish. Which did you choose? Your army of Chrome Clones will be secret ninja intuitive guides. Your army of Brass/Gold Clones will be conquering and confidant and will bask in the limelight. Your army of Copper Clones will be social and interactive negotiators.

These examples show how subtly the psyche reacts to color.

In the next several sections I will relate how each color can impact us positively or negatively and suggest ways to bring balance back into our lives. One of the most successful items I’ve found is a process called chromotherapy combined with my personal suggestions of the use of stained glass lighting.

Chromotherapy is an energy modality that utilizes colored light to balance energy in our body. When light (color waves) register on our retinas it sends an electrical impulse to our brain releasing certain hormones and can be used to treat mental and physical disorders.

The following sections will fill you in on color psychology key points and suggest items for your home décor especially your fireplace and windows (natural light sources) to balance not only your psyche but how you present yourself to the world.

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