In the event that you have a few games that you have downloaded to your PC, you may need those games on your advanced mobile phone or other convenient gadget. To get those games off of your PC, you can move the games to a SD card and afterward embed the SD card into the gadget. For whatever length of time that you have a media card opening, or media card peruser, on your PC you can without much of a stretch exchange games from the PC to the SD card. Moving the games is a brisk procedure that solitary takes a couple of moments.

Stage 1  ตารางบอลสดวันนี้

Stage 2Addition the SD card into your PC’s media card opening. On the off chance that the PC doesn’t have one, simply utilize a USB media card peruser.

Open a window on your PC where the games are found. For instance, the games are in the “My Downloads” organizer, simply open that envelope in another window.

Stage 3

Raise the SD card in another window. Open it from “My Computer” on a PC or “Discoverer” on a Mac.

Stage 4

Select the games that you need to move to the SD card and duplicate them. On a PC this is finished by squeezing “CTRL + C.” On a Mac, this is finished by squeezing “order + C.”

Stage 5

Snap once more into the SD card window. Glue in the games to move them by squeezing “CTRL + V” on a PC” or “order + V” on a Mac.

Expel the SD card from your PC once the exchange has finished. Presently you will have the option to put the SD card with the games into any gadget that you need to.

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