Not at all like the Xbox 360, just certain games on the PlayStation 3, for example, “Obstruction 3” and “Skyrim,” permit you to introduce game information on the framework. As a rule, these introduces are compulsory and happen the first occasion when you embed the game; in different cases, they happen on the game’s principle menu or Options screen, contingent upon the game. Introduce sizes are ordinarily 2GB to 6GB worth of information; in time, your PS3’s hard drive can completely fill on just introduced games. Thus, it is a smart thought to erase the game information when you are finished playing the game.

Stage 1

Explore to the “Game” menu on your PS3.

Stage 2

Select “Game Data Utility.”  ตารางบอลสดวันนี้

Feature the game information you need to erase, and afterward press the “Triangle” button on your controller.Stage 3

Select “Erase,” trailed by “Yes” to erase the game information from your PS3’s hard drive.

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Data in this article applies to a PS3 running rendition 4.30. It might change marginally or altogether with different renditions of the product.


For game with compulsory establishments of game information, for example, “Skyrim,” you should reinstall the information before you can play the game once more.

Numerous PS3 games, for example, “Last Fantasy XIII” and “Dim Souls,” don’t offer establishments of game information. Counsel your game’s manual or site to check whether it offers an establishment choice.


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